Over 2,000 San Diego County kids are playing organized baseball and softball this year because of the Madres! During the 2019 season, the Madres distributed almost $25,000, to 43 leagues including 3 Challenger* teams.
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2020 sponsorships will be accepted AFTER November 1, 2019.
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At the Madres monthly brunches, a youth representative from one of the Madres' sponsored leagues is an invited guest.
This youth representative (or representatives) sits at the head table (along with one adult), meets the other special guests, and addresses the group. 

*The Challenger Division of Little League offers children with special needs the opportunity to play baseball.
MAY 2019
Youth Players Our youth players for May were Caleb and Topher (nickname, given name is Christopher) Bruff, the grandsons of Madre Bev Bruff. Apparently Christopher’s coach decided to call him Topher and it has stuck. Caleb is 13 and Topher 12. They both have been playing baseball since they were about 3 years old. They both play on the same team right now, the Clairemont Hilltoppers Little League Padres. They both say that they like playing on the same team. Caleb pitches and plays first base, while Topher normally catches. Their team is in second place in their league.
In an effort to help get one of his team mates hitting Topher came up with an incentive plan; if the team mate gets a hit Topher will give him a dollar, if he doesn’t he owes Topher 50¢. When asked for their favorite Little League moment Caleb told us his was when in a game Topher had hit a home run and was bragging about it, which made Caleb mad, but then later when Caleb batted he hit a grand slam. For Topher it was a championship game that he wasn’t hitting very good at but then hit a home run.

Both boys said that their favorite MLB team is the Boston Redsox, dad is a big Redsox fan and the boys followed him. They both did say their second favorite is the Padres. As for favorite players Caleb told us his current favorite is Mookie Betts and all time is David Ortiz. Topher’s current is Manny Machado and his all time is also David Ortiz. Caleb also likes to play basketball when not playing baseball and Topher likes football and hockey. They both attend Wangenheim Middle school; Caleb is in 7th and Topher in 6th.

When asked what might like to be when they grow up; for Caleb is was a Major League baseball player and for Topher, a Major League baseball player or a chef. They thanked the Madres for supporting Little League baseball.


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